Ma-Yi Theater

Work: Product Brochure

Challenge: The lifeblood of any not-for-profit theater is funding from outside sources, namely corporations and foundations. For New York’s Ma-Yi Theater, the ability to communicate effectively with potential sponsors is not a luxury — it’s a matter of survival.

Solution: Known for its strikingly original works, the Obie Award-winning theater needed an equally dramatic vehicle to make an impact with corporate prospects. The stunning design of the 2001 brochure and an updated 2004 print piece placed Ma-Yi Theater center stage in the hearts and minds of contributors.

Results: “One week after we sent the initial brochure out, we received a $50,000 grant from a national foundation,” said Jorge Ortoll, Executive Director. Ralph B. Peña, Artistic Director, is looking for a repeat performance: “I distributed the new brochure at a presentation to 150 producers and funders around the country. There were audible gasps. Everyone raved about the design.”