Thank You

For 14 years, Karen and I have been business partners and best friends. In our long journey from art directors and editorial directors for Citigroup, to our current foray into publishing, fiction editing and illustration, we’ve been blessed with clients who really believed in us, and with situations that taught us how to grow, how to be humble, and how to love. I cannot say that struggle hasn’t been the main ingredient of our success, but I can say that the biggest gift of creating art, design and words is a happy client, not the size of their check. We’ve missed a few first class jets to big time, but the slow boat that got us here is only half way to it’s final port, and it has a lot of zig-zags before it’s all said and done. The joy that we’ve shared in business with our clients and their success is what keeps us on course.

We love what we do. We’re addicts. And we’re going to keep sailing until the last canvas is filled, the last page laid out, the last photograph, tweaked.

Charlie Read